Soil Scout and TLS form exciting new strategic partnership

Leading underground soil monitoring specialists Soil Scout are delighted to announce a new and exciting strategic partnership with principal turf grow lighting supplier Turf Lightning Solutions (TLS). The partnership, which is effective immediately, comes at an exciting time for both companies who are experiencing significant worldwide growth and acclaim in the sports turf and golf course industries.  

The strategic partnership will see Soil Scout’s real-time soil monitoring data available via it’s open API on Turfpal - TLS’s flagship web based software.

Developed with ease of use in mind, Turfpal has become the most comprehensive management software option for football, golf, rugby or any sports arena with a natural turf surface. Remote turf management, monitoring and control 24/7 via PC, tablet or smartphone giving sports turf professionals the tools required to better manage, operate, prepare and budget for their grounds and turf maintenance.    

All new TLS’s lighting rigs are Turfpal compatible providing customers with online monitoring and operation of rigs at any time from anywhere.

Adam Sedgwick, VP of International Sales at Soil Scout said of the new partnership: “Soil Scout are really lucky to have found another leading sports turf company that shares our same vision and objectives as we strive to bring innovative technology and sustainability to the industry. This strategic partnership will be a real game-changer for TLS customers who are looking to enhance their real-time maintenance practices based upon our data.”

Soil Scout CEO, Jalmari Talola added: “Understanding what happens under the turf is critical if pitches are to reach their true potential. When it comes to sports turf professionals, their challenge is real - to maintain extremely high-quality pitches while facing pressures to cut water consumption and act in an environmentally sustainable way.

“Our partnership with TLS Turfpal will see Soil Scout sensors strategically buried across sports venues, giving sports turf professionals an instant understanding into what’s happening below their soils. These insights will be added to the Turfpal platform allowing them to see everything happening at their venue - and be able to plan their day’s work, before they set foot outside.”    

TLS Chief Executive Officer Edd Tveit commented upon the partnership: "TLS’s mission is to offer turf growth through science. Through our partnership with Soil Scout our Turfpal platform now includes live soil data 24/7, even during ongoing matches and events. The data will help secure a good looking high playing quality sports turf."

Mark Sinnett, Director Business Development for TLS said: "It's exciting times at TLS at the moment with investment made to expand and develop, with the addition to bring Soil Scout on board as a strategic partner. We will work together to broaden the range of services we offer our customers. Providing industry leading technology through the use of Soul Scouts sensors and TLS’s Turfpal.

"This combined technology enables us to give our users live data 24/7. Supporting the planning and managing of daily operations. This also allows our customer to operate our lighting rigs remotely via the Turfpal app. Having Soil Scout on board allows us to give full analysis of what’s happening under the soil with temperatures, moisture and salinity to help assist the quality above the soil with the use of the TLS lighting rigs and TLS turf fans."

TLS 36 Lighting Rig

Soil Scout is rapidly becoming a global market leader in underground soil monitoring with their advanced wireless sensor solution. The fully buried Soil Scout system is helping sports turf professionals keen on having real-time data at their fingertips reduce maintenance costs and water consumption.

Permanently positioned sub-soil sensors stream moisture, temperature and salinity readings from key locations across pitches and courses, collecting all of the data needed to make real-time decisions on where to allocate time and resources with an unfair competitive advantage of 20 years battery lifetime.

Turf professionals receive a detailed view of the in-field variations of their surface, and with more accuracy can treat areas of concern, whilst collecting historical data over a period of time gives an overall clearer view of seasonal trends.

TLS was founded in 2012 and is backed by staff with more than 20 years of experience in the turf industry. A leading manufacturer of innovative turf lighting products TLS offers the most flexible system on the market today. TLS products are designed with the highest level of attention to detail and they are operating on many different sports venues around the world. TLS is continually expanding and evolving to ensure they are at the forefront of new technology and offer advanced ongoing technical support to their customers. The TLS lighting rigs now offers online monitoring and control through Turfpal, the innovative online turf monitoring, control and management platform.  Constantly developing new technology, TLS uses feedback from their customers when adding new innovations and features to their products and services.  

For more information on TLS turf lighting solutions and Turfpal please visit; or email; To contact Soil Scout and find out more about their wireless soil sensor system please visit; or email;

Caption - Main image: Soil Scout's VP of International Sales Adam Sedgwick and Mark Sinnett, Director of Business Development at TLS.

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