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Agri-INNO-palkinto Soil Scoutin perustajalle Johannes Tiusaselle

November 5, 2020 | Read article »

Wireless Soil Moisture Sensor

Soil Scout enables land use related water and energy optimization in an unprecedented detail and ease by providing a future-proof below-ground monitoring system.

Soil Scout provides the only wireless sensors capable of transmitting moisture, temperature and salinity data in near real-time out-of-sight performance from up to 2 metres / 6 feet below the surface, for up to 20 years, maintenance free.

Understanding what's happening below the soil surface is critical for many industries. Soil Scout takes monitoring to the next level by providing a detailed view into in-field variation, enabling our customers to expand the Precision Agriculture approach to all land use challenges, be that smart farming, irrigation control or turf quality optimization.

Previous solutions for measuring environmental conditions are based on wires and cables or a single observation pole, which are impractical, inefficient, labour-intensive or unable to assess spatial variability. Soil Scout provides critical insight into data from deep below the surface wirelessly, enabling 365x24 insight and profiling which allows our customers to perform better, understand their operations deeper and reduce water and energy use by up to 50%.

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