Partnership announcement: Soil Scout and Riversa team up to drive sustainable soil practices in Spain & Portugal

We are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Riversa, a globally-recognised brand and a key supplier of innovative sports turf, gardening and municipal maintenance solutions. This partnership will focus on sustainably optimising resource usage in golf, sports, landscaping, agriculture, and other related industries throughout Spain and Portugal.

With strong foundations and a proven track record spanning many decades, Riversa has consistently delivered new ways to think about the creation, development, and maintenance of outdoor spaces. This extensive expertise, when paired with Soil Scout's advanced soil monitoring technology, will enable even more impact to be made across the region as water usage restrictions begin to tighten.

By leveraging Soil Scout's real-time underground data in partnership with Riversa products, we make optimal irrigation and soil management possible – leading to healthier landscapes and reduced environmental impact.

Soil Scout CEO Jalmari Talola: "Partnering with Riversa is a significant step towards realising our vision of a sustainable future for soil-based industries in Spain & Portugal. Their extensive experience and commitment to innovation make them an ideal partner to bring our technology to a wider audience. Together, we can help professionals optimise their practices, conserve resources, and promote environmental stewardship."

Riversa Product Director David Fernandez: "We are excited to join forces with Soil Scout to offer our customers cutting-edge solutions for soil monitoring. This partnership enables us to enhance our product portfolio with technology that supports sustainable practices. By providing precise data on soil conditions, we can help our clients in golf, sports and landscaping to make better-informed decisions and achieve greater efficiency."

With comprehensive after-sales support and facilities in Marbella, Antequera, Madrid, Barcelona, and Tenerife, Riversa is fully capable of delivering a full suite of support functions to Soil Scout customers across Spain. 

This partnership centres on our joint commitment to sustainability and innovation. Together, Soil Scout and Riversa will make more impact in soil management and environmental conservation across Spain than ever before.

If you want to learn more about sustainable water usage in golf, check out this article.

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