The Solution

Monitoring Service

Scout sensor data is transmitted from the Base Station to the Soil Scout online Monitoring Service for viewing and analysis. The data is presented as a layer on top of aerial imagery and each label presents the most recent values.

Shown below is an aerial view of the Ulvila test site in Finland is a sandy loam soil where all regular farming activities have continued as normal. 4 x Scouts with moisture and temperature sensors were installed in 2013, and since then the field has been harvested, subsoiled, direct drilled and sprayed for plant disease control. Together with a receiving antenna, the Base Station is located inside the attic of a wooden house on the other side of the road from the field.

The Soil Scouts are buried between 200 and 520 metres (650 to 1700 feet) away from the Base Station. Whilst the regular data acquisition period used for Scouts is 55 minutes, two Scouts (the closest and furthest ones) measuring and transmitting every 40 seconds in order to accelerate validation of the Scout transmission life. After the first 5 months of transmission, each Scout had sent over 300.000 measurement packages, which is equal to more than 30 years in normal operation.

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Ulvila Installation, Finland