The Solution

Gain a Deeper View

Understanding what’s happening under the ground is critical for many industries. Current solutions for measuring environmental data are primarily based on often-inefficient wired technology, or on expensive & labour-intensive manual sampling. Soil Scout provides critical insight into data from deep below the surface – wirelessly.

We have developed and patented a small, cost-effective wireless sensor platform that depending on conditions, transmits near real-time data for up to 20 years, and at a depth of up to 2m (~6ft) underground: maintenance free. Now you can easily measure at the correct depth for your needs!

The solution was originally developed with farming & agriculture in mind, but multiple industry sectors are benefiting from the ability to easily and continuously monitor their own below-ground environments, regardless of season or weather conditions.

Benefits of the Soil Scout solution can include:

  • Water and energy savings of up to 50%
  • Decreased fertiliser loss
  • Optimised soil conditions
  • Reduced pollution
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Increased land utilisation

Whatever your underground data acquisition and analytics needs are: agriculture, compost bulk measurement, golf course irrigation management, concrete structure moisture detection or embankment monitoring - do it online with Soil Scout!

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