One thing is for certain as it pertains to golf course maintenance, and that is how we protect our most valuable natural resource – WATER.  With technology increasing at a rapid pace when it comes to how we manage our courses, we have found that by integrating the Soil Scout system into our daily routine, we are able to become more anticipatory rather than reactionary in our irrigation scheduling.  With the wireless sensors and real time information, we have become more precise in calculating the percentage gain or loss of moisture in the soil.

The Soil Scout allows us to see exactly what impact an irrigation cycle had on the moisture level and we are able to be more efficient in future scheduling by watching the data that we receive from the in ground sensors.  It does all that is says it can do and has shown to be another valuable tool in our efforts to produce high quality playing conditions while at the same time using  water wiser.

Marc Snyder, Superintendent – Outlaw Course, Desert Mountain (AZ, USA)

As part of our research program on forest harvesting on soft soils we installed two Soil Scout systems in different forest types. Soil strength measurements were carried out side by side with the monitoring. The continuous soil moisture data improved our understanding on the phenomena and we were surprised to see how soil acted in between the manual measurements. The successful and educative research brought us significant continued projects with our commercial business partners.

Jori Uusitalo, Group Manager, Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke, Finland)

We have remote access from anywhere in the world & have quickly become reliant on the convenience that this provides. It was easy to install & the Soil Scout team has been very quick to help us get set up and when we have needed support. We look forward to expanding beyond our current use’

Jon Smith, Course Manager of Mississaugua Golf Club (Canada)

My habit is to check values in the morning before leaving towards the course and in the evening back at home again. I can reduce irrigation on the older part of the course now that I can see it retains water better than the newer part.

Superintendent Jukka Pulkkinen, Uusikaupunki Golf Club (Finland)

Installation was easy. The very first installation hit the “Sweet Spot”, because I can now leave the green with lesser irrigation and still know for a fact that the roots have enough moisture. Previously I have irrigated although I have had the gut feeling that less would be sufficient.

Superintendent Risto Tidenberg, Tawast Golf (Finland)

The research community is working hard in order to understand the impact of global climate change to our ecosystems. In the Natural Resource Institute Finland we monitor CO2 fluxes of ecosystems and we use that information to validate models which we use in our National GHG inventory. In order to upscale CO2 measurements we need to have continuous data on soil temperature and soil moisture that drive biological soil activity. Soil Scout provides us a solution that allows us to up-scale CO2 fluxes rapidly and moreover this equipment ensures that our data coverage is complete.

Aleksi Lehtonen, Associate Professor, Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke, Finland)

The Soil Scout system that we are using is definitely the way to go in modern Agriculture. The mere fact that you can login to real time data from anywhere in the world is already a huge benefit. Added to that is the ease of use if compared to our existing system where we use Tensio-meters that need constant priming and physical readings. Once the data correlation and interpretation has been done the Soil Scout information will be of even more benefit as it will also give us an indication of the fertilization levels. The Soil Scout probes seem to be very robust and it will be interesting to see how they last over the long term. Technical backup to the product has been good and the Soil Scout team was eager to help and support.

Felix Hacker, Du Roi Nursery (South Africa)

I have used all types of soil moisture probes over the past 12 seasons growing in Substrate. However you never get exactly what you want with one product, as there is always something missing. There are 5 things that a good moisture probe should be and do: measure moisture consistently, capture soil/medium temperature, capture electric conductivity accurately, be user friendly and flexibility to adapt to each grower’s needs.

Soil Scout does all of these things. It was originally developed as a soil moisture probe, not meant for substrate growing. But with the flexibility of the software they could adapt the readings so that we could also use it in our industry for monitoring and as a nutrient management tool.

We have used it for a full season and are delighted with the results. We recommend it to any other grower, whether it’s in soil or substrate production. Also looking forward to added functions and improvements in the future.

Irrigation Specialist Heino Malan, Haygrove Eden (South Africa)

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