Soil Scout announce dealership agreement with Sweden's KSAB

Soil Scout’s network of dealers and partners continues to grow at pace with the most recent agreement signed with Swedish golf equipment supplier KSAB.

Founded in the early 80’s as a small welding shop, KSAB was initially active in the construction and repair of nuclear power plants with the acronym KSAB standing for (translated from Swedish) Nuclear Services Company, which today is part of the popular KSAB story. During the Swedish golf boom of the mid 80’s, the shop received a request to manufacture a welded product for golf driving ranges and since it became a huge commercial success, the company changed its name to KSAB Golf Equipment and started successfully serving golf clubs instead.
KSAB has since been the dominant supplier of equipment for golf clubs and driving ranges in the Swedish market and with the welding shop still intact, KSAB continues to develop ranges of patented products for the golf industry that are being exported worldwide today. 
KSAB has also expanded successfully into other markets and as the Swedish sports turf market grew, KSAB recruited people from the irrigation industry and were soon servicing municipalities, football fields and stadiums, playgrounds and more. The company name is now to be adjusted once again to reflect this shift from just the ‘golf’ focus, to the broader ‘outdoor’ sector to become KSAB Outdoor Company. 
Jan Stavås, KSAB’s business development manager commented: “We are very pleased to be signing a dealership agreement with Soil Scout. Everyone at KSAB is looking forward to working with the Soil Scout team and bringing the popular soil monitoring solution to the growing Swedish market.
“There is currently a great deal of discussion about how we must all do more to save water and with the Soil Scout solution you can monitor soil measurements and help the user become more precise with their irrigation.

“We are looking forward to helping many Swedish sports turf properties save resources and create improved playing conditions.”

Jalmari Talola, Soil Scout CEO, said: "Sweden is one of Europe's most significant golf markets and is also a very well-known and successful sports country. Soil Scout has been looking for a partner in the area for years, and for this reason we are particularly excited to work together with KSAB.”
Soil Scout’s Nordic region sales manager Tommi Tienhaara added: “We are delighted to introduce KSAB as our new partner in Sweden. We have been searching for a long while for a good dealer in Sweden, our neighbouring country and we are pleased to have secured an agreement with such a well-respected company like KSAB. 
“They have a large established customer base and a strong foothold in Swedish sports, golf and turf industry. We are really looking forward to working with them.” 
KSAB is based in Västerås, an hour from Stockholm, and they have sales representatives and service employees based all over Sweden.

To find out more about KSAB’s products and services please visit their website - They can also be found on Facebook and Instagram.

Pictured: Soil Scout Sales Executive Tommi Tienhaara, KSAB CEO Kent Stenberg, Soil Scout CEO Jalmari Talola and KSAB Business Development Manager Jan Stavås.  

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