Soil Scout partner with IRIT Canada

Soil Scout is pleased to announce the appointment of IRIT Canada as the new agriculture and landscaping distributor for Canada and neighbouring US states. Based in Calgary, Alberta, IRIT Canada was founded in 2019 by irrigation expert Itzik Mashiack who was eager to blend age-old industries with new and innovative technologies. 

Operating across Canada, the USA, and the Caribbean, IRIT Canada started as a way to help farmers and municipal parks departments that face daily challenges due to climate change and factors beyond their control monitor their operations with ease. Itzik said; “IRIT Canada wants to lend a helping hand to the hardworking farming community by making new technologies accessible, convenient, and customised to ultimately save farmers time and money.”
Itzik continued; “Whilst researching new soil monitoring technologies, IRIT Canada discovered Soil Scout and is thrilled about this new partnership! Soil Scout’s cutting-edge, innovative technology is crucial across many industries to effectively monitor growing conditions in any climate. We want to introduce customers to their cost-saving solutions and we look forward to working on many mutually beneficial projects.
“The Soil Scout solution not only brings major cost-savings to customers, it is also a key tool for monitoring and receiving real-time data. The results are seen in more efficient operations, increased knowledge of soil moisture, and what is needed for optimal growth, especially in countries with shorter growing seasons.”
Lily Nuttall, Agriculture and Horticulture Sales Specialist for Soil Scout commented; “We are delighted to introduce IRIT Canada as our latest partner. We have been looking to increase our agricultural presence in North America for a while and we are pleased to have found a company in IRIT Canada, who have a strong nationwide network, and in founder Itzik Mashiack, a wealth of experience in the agriculture, technology and irrigation industry.” 

To find out more, please email IRIT Canada: or call +1 (403) 807-1707.

Meet the IRIT Canada team:

Itzik Mashiack (Founder) has 25 years of experience with international business development across Canada, Europe, Israel, and the Caribbean in the fields of water distribution, agriculture, landscaping, irrigation, and greenhouses. He holds a diploma in Agricultural and Water Technology from Mikve Israel College in Israel as well as Irrigation Management and Financial Management certificates from the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture. Itzik devotes part of his time as a peer navigator to a not-for-profit organisation that helps and supports people who face barriers to employment in Alberta, Canada.

Amin Samra (Specialist and Consultant) is a professional agricultural engineer, specialising in soil, irrigation, and mechanisation with more than 30 years of academic, technical, commercial, and managerial experience. Being involved in municipal, large development water management projects in Canada, the USA, and the Middle East, Amin acquired expertise in water use projects study, planning, design, strategic implementation, and management. Amin possesses hands-on, proven experience in climate-plant-soil water relationships, surface water quality management, monitoring networks, data analysis, and conceptual planning.

Marnie Krell (Marketing and Communications Advisor) is a marketing, communications, and public relations professional with over ten years of progressive experience. With a proven track record of advancing and managing brand strategies and achieving business goals, she produces strong results from integrated marketing and communications plans.

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James Baylis

Head of Creative Content at Soil Scout. With over 20 years experience in the design, media and photographic industries, James has a passion for promoting the Soil Scout solution through creative content and marketing.