Soil Scout launch new Dual Depth Sensor

World-leading soil monitoring provider Soil Scout is pleased to announce the launch of a new sensor product that has been developed after taking feedback from numerous existing customers. The ground-breaking Dual Depth Sensor (DDS), gives the well-known Soil Scout Hydra sensor an additional sensing head, interconnected with a cable.

Soil Scout’s Chief Science Officer, Johannes Tiusanen explains; “Many among the hundreds of Soil Scout customers have special requirements or limitations for their underground soil monitoring needs, and most commonly the same issues emerge more often than others: Burying the sensor really deep reduces the above-ground range, and whilst that could be tackled by elevating the receiver antenna, in some places that’s not always possible."

“In addition, many customers would like to bury sensors at two depths in one hole for vertical soil profiling, but that hasn't been possible either, as the top sensor would hinder radio communication for the deeper one.”

To tackle these problems, Soil Scout’s Chief Technology Officer Jussi Sirkia and his team have developed the Dual Depth Sensor, a first for Soil Scout who continue to proudly lead the way for wireless soil monitoring technology.

The master Hydra sensor takes care of all radio communication, just like before. It can be buried in shallow ground to give an excellent range, whilst querying subsoil data from the second sensor, deep down in the same hole.

The classic Soil Scout Hydra delivers the most undisturbed measurement without poles or wires conducting water to the measurement point and up to 20 years of continuous measurements unaffected by above ground actions. In sports turf maintenance it has quickly become the market leading solution.

Johannes continued: “In agriculture, monitoring root zone conditions of deep rooted, tall crops, such as corn and sugarcane, has been limited to very short ranges regarding the above-ground range from sensor to receiver."

“Now with the transmitting device buried in the topsoil and the second very deep measurement point connected through a cable, the guaranteed wireless range is back up to hundreds of metres, still without any wires hampering field work above ground.”

Jalmari Talola, Soil Scout CEO added: "Our customers have been asking for this kind of a product for some time now and we are very happy to finally make it available. This really is a solution to their various needs in all different segments. In agriculture we now enable the monitoring of deep rooted crops, in sports and golf let customers do vertical profiling to optimise their use of inputs and prevent fertiliser leaching, and those in landscaping finally have a single product that fits to all of their monitoring needs."

SALTEX - Wednesday 2 and Thursday 3 November 2022

Don’t forget to come and meet the Soil Scout team at SALTEX on Wednesday 2 and Thursday 3 November at Birmingham’s NEC, where you can get hands-on with a DDS and ask the team any questions you have about your underground soil monitoring needs.

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James Baylis

Head of Creative Content at Soil Scout. With over 20 years experience in the design, media and photographic industries, James has a passion for promoting the Soil Scout solution through creative content and marketing.