Soil Scout announce World Sports USA as the latest stocking distributor-dealer

Soil Scout are delighted to announce World Sports USA as the latest stocking distributor-dealer of the leading soil sensor wireless underground solution. Soil Scout’s worldwide network continues to grow rapidly and the appointment of World Sports USA strengthens the company’s presence and visibility in the biggest golf course, sports turf and agriculture market in the world.

With US offices in California and Florida, World Sports USA was founded 25 years ago in Sao Paulo, Brazil by Roberto Gomide when he realised a need to elevate the maintenance of Brazilian football pitches with trained agronomists.
World Sports quickly established itself as the premier athletic field construction, renovation and maintenance company on the South American continent. One of their first customers was Santos FC (Pele’s club) where they built the first vacuum drainage football field in South America with moisture control.
Expanding to the USA in 2004, World Sports established a base in Florida, followed by offices in California and Nevada on the west coast.
Over the years, the World Sports name became synonymous with high quality athletic fields and its work with Brazil’s Futbol Federation created many opportunities. In 2014, World Sports had a role in nine of the twelve pitches used in the World Cup (Brazil) and were also a key service provider to the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.
Having been recommended to Soil Scout via a mutual relationship, VP of International Sales, Adam Sedgwick was immediately impressed with World Sport’s 25-year reputation for implementing ‘best of class’ technologies in sports field construction, renovation and maintenance projects.
Sedgwick commented; “We are really pleased to welcome World Sports USA to our growing network of global resellers. Their excellent reputation built up over 25 years precedes them and they came highly recommended.

“I am very confident that the partnership will be a huge success for all parties involved and a real advantage to World Sports’ customers who will really benefit from the real-time insights that our underground wireless soil sensor solution offers.”

Roberto Gomide, CEO of World Sports USA said: “Since founding this company, World Sports’ philosophy has always been to embrace cutting edge technologies and the Soil Scout solution certainly satisfies this requirement.  
“25 years of experience in agronomy has taught me that superior results come from facts and not guessing. Soil Scout provides facts and eliminates guessing.”
World Sports USA distributes products and equipment, in addition to offering services and recently they have become much more open to looking at different markets that were not necessarily traditional ‘professional’ level athletic field or golf clients. Municipal customers, such as parks and recreation departments, equestrian (polo fields and sod race tracks), and agriculture have become much more prominent and Chief Operating Officer Michael Newcomb sees the Soil Scout solution as the ideal technology accompaniment.
Newcomb said: “We saw immediately that the Soil Scout system represented a ‘best of class’ solution for all of these vertical markets; we are excited to bring the solution to a range of markets beyond agriculture, golf and sports.”
“The benefits of having 24/7 soil data, receiving alerts when conditions demand attention and the ability to interface with various irrigation control systems means many of our customers can see an ROI in six to nine months.” Newcomb also sees Soil Scout as playing a vital role in the drought-stricken West Coast of the US, where the rising cost of water and demand to conserve means implementing a solution like Soil Scout equates to survival for many users.
“Almost all customers in each vertical market can benefit from the insight Soil Scout can provide. Knowing moisture, temperature and EC values allows actions that result in cost savings through reduced labor, better use of fertilisers and fungicides, and lower irrigation costs.
“In the equestrian world, we see moisture sensors employed in arena and race tracks where soil moisture correlates to footing and is fundamental to the safety of rider and horse.”

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James Baylis

Head of Creative Content at Soil Scout. With over 20 years experience in the design, media and photographic industries, James has a passion for promoting the Soil Scout solution through creative content and marketing.