Soil Scout announce new Turkey partnership

Soil Scout is pleased to announce a new distribution partnership with IDT Technology of Turkey. Founded in 2015 by Osman Çetin, IDT Technology is based in Antalya and provides networking and wireless smart technology services throughout Turkey also working on projects in Azerbaijan and Iraq. Osman discovered the Soil Scout system when he was looking for a technology solution partner to help his region fight against climate change and to reduce water consumption.

Osman was immediately drawn to the Soil Scout solution because it matched his area of expertise in wireless systems, Osman said: “I was looking for solutions to the current climate, water and agricultural crisis surrounding the world and whilst looking for a system to reduce water consumption and integrate with the automations I am currently doing and that’s when I discovered the Soil Scout solution through their website.

“I soon realised that the Soil Scout solution was the answer to my problems because of my area of expertise in wireless systems and automation. I was also very impressed with Bahman’s (Bahman Doaeian, Regional Growth Manager) patient and devoted approach to all of our conversations and meetings.

“I think that introducing Soil Scout to my customer base in Turkey will contribute to the country's economy by making a positive contribution to the current climate, agriculture and water crisis, with conscious, efficient production and water savings.”

Soil Scout’s Regional Growth Manager, Bahman Doaeian said: “Osman immediately grasped my intention and insisted on knowing more, going deeper, and asking me a lot of very good questions that usually come up only after a partnership has been formed.

“I believe that by tapping into Osman's years of experience in smart technologies, we can meaningfully tackle the issue of water scarcity and climate change in Turkey to help the whole country have healthier soil and optimised landscaping, agriculture, and water-efficient golf courses in the short term and long run. “Turkey, here we come!”

For more information contact Osman at IDT Technology you can email - or call; Mobile: +90 532 512 82 20 - Phone: +90 242 312 82 20.

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James Baylis

Head of Creative Content at Soil Scout. With over 20 years experience in the design, media and photographic industries, James has a passion for promoting the Soil Scout solution through creative content and marketing.