Lily Nuttall joins Soil Scout

Soil Scout are pleased to announce the appointment of Lily Nuttall to the position of Agriculture and Horticulture Sales Executive. With an impressive track record in agricultural sales, specialising in software and future technology - Lily is the perfect candidate to develop new relationships and take Soil Scout sales in the agriculture and horticulture industry forward.

Lily, can you tell us about your education and previous employment background?

"I studied a Level 3 extended Diploma in Agriculture at Plumpton College which I graduated from in 2015, whilst studying at Plumpton I worked for a couple of pedigree beef cattle farms.
"After finishing my diploma I spent the summer working as a soil sampler for a local spreading contractor, this is where my passion for technology and precision agriculture began.
"I then started working for Farmplan Computer Systems in telephone support on the Gatekeeper & Livestock packages - within 12 months I was going out on farm visits and training customers. I carried out customer support and training for two years, after which I moved into sales as an account manager.
"Throughout my time at Farmplan the Gatekeeper crop management software was my key product and I specialised in mapping and precision farming, understanding data, interrogating and then utilising it is where my skills are. Farmplan gave me the customer support and sales experience I required to take the next step in my career, moving to Vantage England & Wales as the Area Sales Manager for the South East providing Trimble Guidance Systems."

What attracted you to the role at Soil Scout?

"I was attracted to the role because of the amazing scope the product has within the industry, the sensors have come a long way since the first wireless sensor in 2005. I cannot wait to be part of a forward thinking and innovative team, helping the industry we all love become more efficient and sustainable at producing food."

What can Soil Scout customers expect from Lily Nuttall?

"Soil Scout customers can expect a knowledgeable and enthusiastic salesperson, who is wanting to learn from her customers and provide a first class service to them. Coming from a predominantly software and technology background I will be able to help customers delve into the data collected by the Hydra100 scout which will assist them in making key agronomic decisions."

How do you think the Soil Scout solution fits into the current agricultural and horticultural markets?

"I believe the solution has come at the right time to fit into the current agricultural and horticultural markets, with legislative changes being made to how growers apply nutrition and water to crops solutions will have to be available to the grower so they can prove to governing bodies that there was a requirement to apply X/Y/Z they haven't just blanket applied because 'that's what they have always done'. Plus, with the increasing cost of inputs and margins becoming tighter growers will have to become data driven by how/when they apply products and the quantity applied. Making every farming practice sustainable and efficient.

More reading about how Soil Scout works in agriculture and horticulture here.

For more information on how the Soil Scout solution can help you take your soil under control please contact Lily - email:

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