How Desert Montain Golf Course is Driving Efficient Water Use

One thing is for certain as it pertains to golf course maintenance, and that is how we protect our most valuable natural resource – WATER.  With technology increasing at a rapid pace when it comes to how we manage our courses, we have found that by integrating the Soil Scout system into our daily routine, we are able to become more anticipatory rather than reactionary in our irrigation scheduling.  With the wireless sensors and real time information, we have become more precise in calculating the percentage gain or loss of moisture in the soil.

The Soil Scout allows us to see exactly what impact an irrigation cycle had on the moisture level and we are able to be more efficient in future scheduling by watching the data that we receive from the in ground sensors.  It does all that is says it can do and has shown to be another valuable tool in our efforts to produce high quality playing conditions while at the same time using  water wiser.

Marc Snyder
Superintendent – Outlaw Course, Desert Mountain

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Jalmari Talola

Chief Executive Officer at Soil Scout