Celebrating World Soil Day!

Happy World Soil Day! 

Here at Soil Scout we strive to give professionals working in agriculture and sports turf industries a better understanding of their soils through real-time data collection. Helping to improve plant and soil health for now and future generations to come. 

The world will be a better place when people can access regular real-time data and record the dynamics of their soil parameters such as moisture, temperature, salinity, oxygen and nitrogen.

It will make a difference even more so now that the climate is changing rapidly and future years data will not be so similar to the years before. 

One of the oldest continuous Soil Scout data sets at Ulvila, Finland already shows a 1.4 degrees Celcius increase in top soil temperature during growing season over the last ten-year period.

It will probably keep getting hotter for the next 50-200 years and we need to adapt to changing temperatures and moisture patterns while increasing food production and improving the living areas we have.

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James Baylis

Head of Creative Content at Soil Scout. With over 20 years experience in the design, media and photographic industries, James has a passion for promoting the Soil Scout solution through creative content and marketing.