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Are you Ready to Save?

Is your course ready for the busy summer season? With predicted elevated temperatures and increased rounds, having the right information at the right time gives you the edge to have your course looking and playing its best. What if you could save up to 50% on your irrigation budget in the process?

Soil Scout is the first wireless sensor solution that puts you in control of where you want to monitor. Our ground-breaking technology enables you to make turf decisions in real time that will save on irrigation costs, and optimize the soil conditions for each hole.

Buried Insight for Up to 20 Years - WIRELESSLY

Each wireless sensor, called a Scout, is a small durable device that fits in the palm of your hand and measures moisture content, temperature and salinity every 20 minutes - from up to 6 feet below ground. The Scout broadcasts through the soil and turf to a compact Base Station, which then uploads the information immediately to your own private area in our cloud using the cellular network. You can then view and export the data from your computer, tablet or phone through a normal web browser - without any special software.

Modular and Scalable

This is up to you, depending to what degree you want to profile your Green, Tee or Fairway - in other words, how many depths at how many locations. For a Green, installing 2 Scouts at root zone and a 3rd a bit deeper, provides a good basis for determining if water is filtering below the effective root zone i.e. being wasted. Or, complement your Greens monitoring by placing Scouts in your fairways and roughs, where most of the water is often used. Our solution is completely scalable so you can expand to more Scouts and Repeaters if and when you decide you want to. 

Straight-forward Installation

We have been working with golf courses internationally to make the setup experience as seamless as possible. You decide where you want to place the Scouts, and with some simple information from you, we advise you where to put the Base Station and Repeaters.

Scouts are extremely easy to install: simply use your hole cutter to create a hole to the desired depth, place the Scout flat on the bottom of the hole with the round end (antenna) facing the closest Base Station or Repeater, and refill the hole!  For example, at a depth of 6 inches, the Scout can transmit up to 1,000 yards away to the Base Station, assuming good line of sight.

The Base Station is the central hub through which all data passes on the way to the Soil Scout Cloud in real-time via a cellular connection. It is the one fixed element of the solution, as it requires mains electricity.Normally mounted on the roof of your maintenance shed or other structure, the Base Station is attached to a strong Omni or Yagi antenna (depending upon needs), and is ideally mounted at a minimum of 20 feet from the ground. However, depending upon the topography of your course, it may also be possible to install the Base Station inside with a smaller antenna. Our team will advise you. Click any image to expand
When the distance between the Scout and Base Station is too great, or there are topographical barriers such as hills, buildings or a dense tree line, the ECHO Repeater is used to relay the Scout data. Being solar-powered, the Repeater can be mounted flexibly depending upon the location of the Scouts. The Repeater comes with a mounting bracket suiting a 2" pole (not supplied).The Repeater can transmit to the Base Station from up to 6 miles away, and seamlessly works in a mesh with other ECHO Repeaters should you wish to expand your coverage at a later stage.

The Soil Scout Cloud and Analytics platform is your window into whats happening under your turf. Comprehensive data and graphs show you both the current and historical conditions, in a simple and straight-forward way.

The Cloud is also where Scout location and depth information is maintained, allowing an interactive map view of your solution. And because no one wants to sit and watch graphs all day (except maybe out Chief Scientist!), you can set alarms to notify when conditions pass a certain point.

All information and functionality is available via your normal web browser on your computer, tablet or smartphone - no special software required.

   Click any image to expand

More detailed guidance can be found at the bottom of this page.

Site Design

While installation is straight-forward, you may like some advice on how and where to install the Base Station and Repeater(s). Our team are experts in the interaction of soil and radio signals, and will put together a straight-forward site design for you.

To create the design, we need to know the physical and topographical layout of your course. We can get a certain amount of information from Google Maps, but a topographical map is always better. You indicate on which building the Base Station can be installed, and where you would like to place the Scouts, and we will generate a simple design showing the distances you can expect to get, and where the optimal positioning of the Repeater(s) would be - as well as recommended installation height and antenna type.

Introductory Offers

To help you get started as easily as possible, and depending upon your specific needs and the topography of the course, we have 2 introductory packages to choose from:

Package A B
HYDRA100 Scout  Buried wireless sensors with integrated moisture, temperature and salinity. Transmit every 20 minutes from several feet below ground 6 10
Base Station Uploads HYDRA100 information to the Analytics Cloud
Includes 16ft antenna cable and choice of 5ft Omni antenna, or directional enclosed Yagi antenna
Requires data and text-enabled SIM card, and weather-protected main electricity
1 1
ECHO Repeater Forwards sensor data up to 6 miles line-of-sight back to the Base Station
Includes 16ft antenna cable and 31" Omni antenna
Solar-powered with optional mains power supply
- 1
Site Design  Based on some simple information about your needs and course, we will advise you on the placement of the Base Station and Repeater(s), as well as recommended antenna type. 1  1

Package A allows for easy monitoring of 1-2 holes that are within a relatively close distance to the Base Station, whilst Package B is designed to give broader coverage of 3 to 4 holes, making use of the Repeater to increase flexibility of where you install.

In addition to the promotional offer of a remote course design at NO CHARGE, if you order before 31 October 2017, we’ll add an extra Scout to Package A, and 2 extra Scouts to Package B - FREE! That’s a savings of 10% and 20% respectively!

Package A:   $3,360
Package B:   $4,850 

And don't worry - you can add additional Scouts and / or Repeaters at any time without reconfiguring the original system.

Obligation Free Discussion

Interested in a formal quote? Have questions? Want a different setup? Please contact us for an obligation free discussion on (561) 948-6094, or

Support Documents

Golf Brochure        Solution Description Brochure

Soil Scout for Golf       Presentation of the Soil Scout solution and benefits

Golf       Tables showing estimated reception distances depending up depth and antenna type

Technical Specifications       Technical information related to the Scout, Repeater and Base Station


Terms and Conditions

  • All prices are in USD, and excludes shipping and optional insurance
  • Compatible SIM card & data connection not included. Note: we currently do not support Verizon.
  • Site design consultations are provided as a good faith recommendation based on information provided by the customer, typical wireless performance, and assuming installation is done as per advice and instructions made available by Soil Scout to the customer. It is intended as advice and Soil Scout is not liable for any changes or adjustments that may be necessary in situ.
  • The annual Support & Cloud fee is $295, charged annually in advance
  • All sales are subject to the General Terms & Conditions of Soil Scout Oy at

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