Golf Courses

There are approx. 40,000 managed golf courses worldwide, using an estimated 9.5 billion litres / 4.5 billion gallons of water - every day. This represents a significant cost to courses in terms of water and irrigation power.

In addition, governmental water restrictions are increasing in many parts of the world, as are environmental pressures to be responsible with previous limited water resources.

Soil Scout enables the continual monitoring and profiling, regardless of season or conditions, and the tailoring of turf care based on the specific conditions on each hole.

Having accurate and real time information about your turf enables better and more timely turf management decisions, and thus your course will be in better condition.

  • Optimal decisions on irrigation, fertilising and other maintenance with insignificant effort and reduced manual measuring
  • Water and energy savings of up to 50% through Smart IrrigationSector - Golf
  • Decreased fertiliser runoff
  • Reduced ground-water pollution
  • Lower irrigation equipment maintenance costs
  • Immediate insight on performed irrigation, vertical water infiltration and possible layering
  • Opportunity to maintain turf moisture optimally low to reduce vegetative growth, mowing work and grass residue
  • Enables proactive operations based on late fall, winter and spring conditions; e.g. snow covered warm turf predisposed to pests & mould
  • Looking-glass through snow cover and soil surface: modify Fall maintenance in proportion to true levels of frost, enabling earlier season openings
  • The course can show evidence to shareholders and society of responsible resource (water, energy and fertilisers)

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Give your players the great playing experience they deserve on optimal and uniform turf!

Soil Scout is a proud member of the GCSAA