Soil Scout was originally developed for Precision Agriculture. Our spearhead product, HYDRA100 has integrated moisture, temperature and salinity sensors.

Soil Scout Hydra100 sensor

Beyond agriculture, multiple industry sectors are enjoying the benefits that the HYDRA100 Scout can deliver.

Specific features and benefits vary depending upon application, but can include:

  • Save up to 50% or more irrigation water and power through continual insight
  • Reduced loss of expensive fertilisers caused by over-watering
  • Reduced risk of lost fertiliser leaking into the water table
  • Lower maintenance costs due to Scout battery life of up to 20 years
  • Receive regular and on-going insight, regardless of weather or time
  • Leverage Analytics with 3rd party systems via our REST API
  • Ability to add additional Scouts and Repeaters at any time, with minimal or no reconfiguration of other solution elements

Alternatively, we have the ability to integrate a variety of 3rd Party sensors as a custom project, assuming that they are able to operate under ground for extended periods.

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